Thursday, 13 October 2016

NARRATIVE PROJECT: Technical Sign Off Notes

After speaking with Alan we have realised we need to figure out some technicalities of how we will make the animation. For example we need to figure out whether a low poly style or a smoothed style will work better, and how we would texture each. For example we would need to use certain tools for certain styles, such as harden edges and soften edges. We need to work out how we would texture the models. It would be more difficult to texture over low poly precisely, and we would need to deal with things like texturing over seams and 3D painting, and think about how we would do that and in what software.
Advantages of low poly modelling is that we can have a distinct stylisation and we could use triangles. Advantages of smoothing would be that we could have more of a fluidity to the designs.

Main Points
  •  Harden edges and soften edges tools
  • Texturing over seams
  • 3D Painting
  • 2D animation in photoshop or flash?
  • Low Poly or smoothed?
Emphasis on face and hands
We have agreed that the main focuses on our models will be the face and the hands, so we will need to give extra attention to those details and come up with a range of different expressions and actions so that we will know how it will look in 3D.

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