Wednesday, 28 September 2016

NARRATIVE PROJECT: Story Mapping and Genre


First Ideas and Narrowing Down Stories
First Story Ideas:
  • Mirror World
For this idea we explored a story about a person with different personalities, who see's himself/herself as two different people, and we thought we could try and express that through a mirror. This story would touch on themes such as mental health, schizophrenia and multiple personality disorders.
  • Accident/Coma
In this story we explored 'Man vs Self' as a battle in a persons mind. The main character would be injured and maybe in a coma, and he would have to battle out of his own mind to be concious.
  • Personified Emotions
This idea is about emotions being personified, such as anger and 'the green monster'. Our final sentence, 'As soon as the words came out of his lips he felt as though someone had said them for him' we took as describing the character feeling as if they were not his own words and he maybe did not mean them. Such as anger speaking for him, or jealousy. To keep in the 'Man vs Time' conflict this would be a battle against his own self, his own rage, maybe literally personified as a hallucination of a person. This story would explore a persons emotions, insecurities and instability.
  • Ventriloquism
As a group, the ventriloquist idea was the idea we had the most to say about, as it mixed in a lot of other themes in the other ideas. It could have had many different outcomes depending on which route we took. We explored the stories of a person who could speak two voices as if possessed, speak through other people or even have people speak through him. We looked at many different genres and explored how this could be a romance, superhero, sci-fi, western e.t.c... 
We looked at the different ways we could take the story, such as happy or sad, where he uses his 'powers' for good and then turns bad, or is misusing his powers and then turns good.

Tweaking Stories and Adding a Genre
Defining the Story
Further on in the day after looking at a lot of references and exploring stories, we came up with an outline of a story. 
It is about a lonely (schizophrenic?) boy/young man who is neglected all throughout his life, and is missing love and friendship from his life. He becomes affected by this disconnection from the world, and starts to see visions of another person in the mirror who compliments him and interacts with him. He does not know that this is just a figment of his imagination, a piece of himself which he does not know. He starts to be friends with this reflection, and he soon becomes obsessed with the other person and craves it's attention. He descends slowly into complete madness. 
We had two different outcomes depending on genre and the mood we wanted to create.
Happy Ending
The mirror smashes, the boy is distraught but realises the extent of his madness and comes to terms with the fact that this has to stop and it is not reality. He says goodbye to the reflection in the mirror, who he finally sees as himself for the first time, ending with the finishing line and both characters (himself and his reflection), saying the final sentence.
Bad Ending
The reflection is his other evil personality, who is trying to take over the boys mind by making him obsessed with him. This is the inner struggle that he has of these two personalities in one mind, one trying to overcome the other. So at the height of his obsession with the reflection, the mirror is smashed and he desperately tries to put it back together to be with the reflection. He succeeds and when they are reconciled he confesses his obsession, and the evil reflection takes advantage of the boy and takes over his mind, and he is now a completely different person to who he was before. The mirror and the reflection were a metaphor for the personality in his mind which was struggling for power.
Defining the Story with Genre
We got the genre 'Historical Epic'
In the end we ended up with a story of a scavenger woman who sees another version of herself in a mirror, and becomes obsessed with the image she sees, which furthers her madness and illusions. It touches on multiple personalities, mental health, vanity and obsession.
A lonely, old scavenger woman from an derelict city in the 1800's/ early 1900's comes across an old abandoned mansion. She goes inside and finds an ornate mirror. She sees herself, and the reflection that stares back at her is that of a young beautiful woman in fine clothes and jewellery, when in fact, she herself is dressed in an old, tattered, dirty dress. She becomes obsessed with this reflection in the mirror and believes it is herself, it is the life she could have lived years ago. She starts to make dresses out of scraps of material she can find, and wears every piece of jewellery she has. She slowly becomes more and more mad and obsessed with herself in the mirror, and she wears her handmade dress which she thinks is the one in the mirror, when it is not so much better than her tatty old one. She spends her time in the mirror, and she dances around like shes in a ballroom. One day she sees the reflection dancing in a beautiful ballroom, and completely taken over by her madness and her loneliness, she dances into the mirror and into her illusion. The illusion takes over and we see her as the woman in the reflection, and she dances her way gracefully down the street of the town when she knew it to be beautiful, but we see glances of the reality crack through and switch between her illusion and the reality, which is her half stumbling down the gloomy street in her handmade dress and heaps of rusted jewellery.


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